Friday, September 30, 2011


The greatest love, my mum

Lastly end of Diploma
my big day on 26 Sept
its closure with happily
with family and friends
congrats to friends
thanks to family
who always stand beside.

Impersonate? Doesn't it look alike.
No its about my mum
she also graduated from UTM
with Diploma and Degree
what a shameful
I feel really ignoble
should be better than my mum
Oxford or other
but where else should I go
with the result
yes, this is my destiny
thank you Allah
and and I trust in my mind
I will be someone respected
make the world knows
who you are
I love you, ibu.


  1. :) but the different between you and me is, I love my ibu more more than you will. ;p

  2. i luv ur ibu jugak , cn i ? hehehe , btw cngrates dear sebab dh convo .. u look smart , hensem n gorgeous with that jubah !

  3. congrats..
    tp pjalanan masih pnjang.. kn?
    so.. good luck!

  4. yayan; nope, ta boley. saya je yg boley. hihi thanks tau, tahun awak pula kan. mesti lagi2 cantek kan. hihi okay i wait.
    zira; yes, still big and long yard to archive. thank you zira, wish you all the best to in final and prac. hihi :))